Ben Gurion Airport Express & VIP Service 

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Flight Check In . These processes are carried out, for the majority of passengers, in the Check-In Hall on Level 3. Occasionally, as needed, the security check and check-in of additional airlines are carried out in the Greeters' Hall on Level G. We recommend that you verify the exact location for these procedures for your specific flight, before arriving at the Airport. Passengers who took advantage of the early check-in service, can go directly to the Border Control Hall, located on the north side of the Buy &  Bye Mall. Departing passengers whose flight check in is in the Check-In Hall. The Check-In Hall is located on Level 3 of the Terminal, which can be reached  through entrances 31 - 33 . The processes carried out in the Hall: Security Check Go to the security check counter of the airline with which you are flying, by following the signposts. Flight Check-In After completing  the security check, airline representatives await you at the Check-In counters. The names of the airlines and flight numbers appear on plasma screens above the counters.For your information: at each entrance there is an electronic signboard, displaying the location of the counters you need to get to, according to the flight number.There is an information counter at the center of the check-In Hall. Once you've completed the check-in and dispatched your baggage, you may continue to the Buy & Bye Mall, which is open also to non-flying visitors.Departing passengers who check in for their flight in the Greeters' Hall on Level G on this floor, there are 19 security check counters.Passengers who are supposed to check in for their flight in this Hall, will be informed by: their travel agent , a sticker on the flight ticket ,the display screens at the airport - indicating G Sector, as the security check area. The check-in process includes: Security check , Flight check-in proceeding to the Check-In Hall and the Buy & Bye Mall, for the continuation of the process.Getting to the Greeters' Hall on Level G Travelers arriving by train, will go up to Level G. Travelers arriving by public transport, will do down to level G. Travelers arriving by car or taxi arrive directly at Level G. Elevators, escalators and staircases connect the various levels.Self Check-In

Express Service

Passengers are met upon arrival and assisted through security and border crossing procedures on both sides of the border and directed to their waiting driver. Escorting the passengers to a separate passports channel in order to shorten waiting time, assist through customs,passport control, security inspection process,baggage collection .

VIP Service

For the ultimate in VIP service at the airport. Passengers are met as they leave the airplane and are driven by a private vip vehicle across the tarmac (1.5 kilometres) a separate in order to shorten waiting time. Steward escorts through the whole process and assist through customs,passport control ,security inspection process , baggage collection .

Gold Service

Meeting the passengers at the finger where the plane is connected and taking them straight to Massada Lounge at terminal 1. While passengers enjoy light refreshments, beverages and the use of basic office services we take care of all incoming or outgoing flight procedures :customs,passport control,security inspection process, baggage collection.