Ben Gurion Airport Express & VIP Service 

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Ben Gurion Airport


Ben Gurion international airport is the largest and busiest international airport in Israel.The airport is located near the city of Lod ,15 KM (9 MI) southeast of Tel Aviv 44 KM ( 27 MI) from Jerusalem and 115 KM (71 MI) from Haifa. Arriving passengers arrive at the Terminal 3 building through the Jetways, or by bus (when the aircraft is parked at a remote parking slot). Arrive at the entrance to the border control hall on level G, at the junction point of the connector and the border control Hall. Continue along the connector up to the descent to the border control hall on level G.

Through The Connector

In the connector, continue according to your destination: International passenger- go down to the border control hall located on level G.
Transit passengers continue going west and go down to the first floor, to the Transit passengers Hall.The connector is equipped with speedwalks, as well as buggy service for disabled passengers.The airlines operate electric vehicles for the benefit of passengers with disabilities.The service is provided free of charge, according to the airline’s policy.Before arriving at the connector, you can view the rotunda on the floor below - where the duty free shops are located .

Passport Control

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after date of entry. Arriving tourists are required, prior to landing, to fill out the L17 form for the registration of personal details, in order to prevent delays during passport control. Make sure to write down all your passport and flight details and don’t forget to keep a copy, as you will need it when you leave the country.Former Israeli citizens who do not possess of an official document attesting that they have renounced their Israeli citizenship, are required by law to enter and exit the country on an Israeli passport.

Border Control

Visitors to Israel require a passport that is valid for the next six months. You will be asked to complete an entry form during the flight. It is important to fill it in accurately and retain a copy for the end of your tour of Israel. The completed entry form and passport are submitted at border control in Ben Gurion Airport when you arrive. In the border control hall there are manned control counters, and biometric control counters. Israeli passport holders will approach the manned counters or make use of the biometric system. The controller’s stamp, or the voucher from the biometric system, constitute the exit authorization from the border control Hall to the arrivals hall. Foreign passport holders will approach the manned counters only.Hand the voucher to the representative of border police at the entrance to the Arrivals Hall.

Collection of baggage

The Arrivals Hall on level G houses the baggage collection conveyors and customs inspection.Note the electronic signs indicating the conveyor on which luggage from your flight is due to arrive. After collecting your baggage, continue to the customs control and from there to the welcomers' hall. For your convenience, there are, in the arrivals hall, inter alia: duty Free pick-up counter, to collect duty free items you purchased prior to your departure from Israel. Please make sure that you do not leave your baggage unattended at any time.The baggage storage and lost and found room is located at the western ("kerem") short-term parking lot on the ground level (G). The service is free of charge.Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday - 08:00 to 20:00. Friday - 08:00 to 15:00. Saturday Night - 20:00 Until Midnight Tel: 03-9754436. Mail:  Lost&


The customs stations are located in the arrivals hall.Inbound passengers will pass through the customs stations, with their baggage, as follows:the green route – passengers with nothing to declare. The red route – passengers bringing with them any sort of electrical appliances valued at $200 or more, and on which customs duty must be paid.The blue route – groups and air crew who do not have anything to declare.The obligation of declaring money brought into or taken out of Israel, is applicable under the following conditions. An amount totaling NIS 80,000 or more in the possession of the passenger.An amount of NIS 1,000,000 or more, in the possession of a new immigrant, on his first entry into the country. Additional details can be obtained at the national information center on Tel: (02) 651-1911.

Duty Free

Picking up your duty free goods :In the arrivals hall, you will find the duty-free pick-up counter where you can collect the duty free goods that you purchased, prior to your departure, at the duty free shops. Please note: in accordance with customs regulations, you will not be able to receive your goods once you have exited the arrivals hall.

Welcomer's Hall

In the Welcomers' Hall you can meet your family and friends who have been waiting for your arrival. Large screens in the hall constantly display updated arrival info. For your convenience, the Welcomers' Hall contains, inter alia: car rental company counters and booked taxis counters.

VIP Service & Transport

VIP Service at Ben Gurion Airport offers immediate check-in, stress-free travel and no waiting at counters. Convenience and comfort in the lounge prior to the departure or arrival of your aircraft (* with additional charge) . You don’t have to worry about anything – we will arrange everything for you. Contat us 24 hours 7 days a week . Tel 972(0)545437135 .

Entrance to the Terminal

It is recommended to obtain updated details of you flight such as takeoff time, security check area and check-in counter through the voice response at (03) 972-3332.Description of the entrance to the terminal at the entrance to the terminal is the multi level bridge leading to the terminal. Levels of the bridge:Level 3, upper level - for departing passengers Level 2, middle level -  for public transport Level G, ground level - for arriving and departing passengers.Level S, lower level - railway station.On Level 3 (where the Check-In Hall is located), there are 6 lanes The 3 lanes closest to the terminal are for private vehicles.The other 3 lanes are for buses and organized groups.Signposts along the road will direct you.

Flight Check-In

These processes are carried out,for the majority of passengers, in the check-In hall on level 3. Occasionally, as needed, the security check and check-in of additional airlines are carried out in the greeters' hall on level G. We recommend that you verify the exact location for these procedures for your specific flight, before arriving at the airport terminal .
Passengers who took advantage of the early check-in service, can go directly to the border control hall, located on the north side of the Buy & Bye Mall.Departing passengers whose flight check in is in the check-in hall. The check -In hall is located on level 3 of the terminal, which can be reached  through entrances 31 - 33 .

Security Check

There are five security check areas for departing passengers: A, B, C, D, E. You should arrive for the security check 3 hours prior to takeoff. For your security, a thorough and professional security check is carried out on all passengers, in the ground hall, in the check-in hall and on the ground floor (G). In order to make the process more efficient, there are separate queues for Israeli passport holders and foreign passport holders.For the safety of the flight, all departing passengers undergo a security check consisting of luggage and handbags checks, as well as a physical check.For efficiency's sake, different queues are assigned to passengers holding an Israeli passport and those holding foreign passports.

Passport Control

Passport Control is carried out after the security check of hand luggage, in the departures hall. This is where you present your passport, boarding pass and, where applicable, the foreign visitor’s form that you filled out upon arrival in Israel. make sure to arrive with an updated passport for at least three months, and your flight ticket. Former Israeli citizens: if you do not possess an official document attesting that you have renounced your Israeli citizenship, you are required by law to exit the country on an Israeli passport. 

Duty Free

Duty-free shops are located in the departures areas of Terminals 1 and 3. The majority of other retailers can be found in the ‘Square’ in Terminal 3. These include fashion boutiques, sports shops, electronics stores and souvenir outlets.Duty free shopping at Ben Gurion airport is competitively priced with a good selection.Even if your flight leaves in the middle of the night, shops are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is really convenient. 


In each concourse there are 8 gates linked to the aircraft by a boarding bridge and marked appropriately. For example: B1, B2 etc.
In addition. There are two gates for remotely parked aircraft marked: B1a, B1, C1a, C1, D1a, D1.Boarding the aircraft The airline will announce the order of boarding .Please ensure that you arrive at the boarding gate in accordance with the time schedule indicated to you by the airline.

Express Service

Passengers are met upon arrival and assisted through security and border crossing procedures on both sides of the border and directed to their waiting driver. Escorting the passengers to a separate passports channel in order to shorten waiting time, assist through customs,passport control, security inspection process,baggage collection .

VIP Service

For the ultimate in VIP service at the airport. Passengers are met as they leave the airplane and are driven by a private vip vehicle across the tarmac (1.5 kilometres) a separate in order to shorten waiting time. Steward escorts through the whole process and assist through customs,passport control ,security inspection process , baggage collection .

Gold Service

Meeting the passengers at the finger where the plane is connected and taking them straight to Massada Lounge at terminal 1. While passengers enjoy light refreshments, beverages and the use of basic office services we take care of all incoming or outgoing flight procedures :customs,passport control,security inspection process, baggage collection.