VIP Fast Track Service at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport

Ben gurion airport


VIP Service at Ben Gurion Airport offers immediate check-in stress-free travel and no waiting at counters. Expedited process when entering and departing Israel straight from the aircraft through security check, passport control , check in and customs , without the need to queue. Convenience and comfort in the lounge prior to the departure or arrival of your aircraft . You don’t have to worry about anything – we will arrange everything for you. For more information Contact us 24 hours 7 days a week.

Fast Track Service

VIP Packages

Our Great Features


1 up to 5 passengers
$ 279 One way
  • Basic meet & greet package including escort to/from the passport control hall.
  • Fast track border crossing procedures through baggage collection , security checks , check in , passport clearance.


1 up to 5 passengers
$ 299 One way
  • The ultimate VIP meet & greet package including escort to/from the airplane.
  • Passengers are met as they leave the airplane and are escorted to a fast track exclusive priority lane access through security checks and passport control.
  • Departure service included VIP fast track escort up to the boarding gate


1st Passenger
$ 579 One way
  • 439$ USD for each additional passenger
  • The Luxury package including car service transportation from/to the airplane , access to the VIP lounge.
  • Meet and greet service at the “Fattal” Lounge at the private terminal .
  • Passengers can enjoy light refreshments, beverages and the use of basic office services while we take care of all incoming or outgoing flight procedures

Ben gurion airport

  1. VIP Service (from/to the airplane) Express service (from/to passports control) Gold service (including access to the lounge) .
  2. Please note Fattal Lounge is located at the private terminal .
  3. Arbel Lounge is located at terminal 3.
  4. Orders should be made up to 24 hours before service .
  5. Late booking fees - bookings made within 24 hours prior the service will be charged additional 39$ USD .
  6. Wheelchair assistance / additional steward , will be charged additional 99$ USD .
  7. For a large amount of luggage (7 pieces and more) a porter service will be required for an extra 99$ USD.
  8. The above prices are per one flight: incoming or outgoing.
  9. The prices are listed in USD $ and subject to additional tax.
  10. Cancellation not made at least 24 hrs in advance - will be charged at full rate.

our Great class

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The Best Option for Quick, Safe, No-Fuss Transportation to and From the Airport . Our cars are clean, luxurious, comfortable and smoke-free. We offer top-notch service to all our customers.

pilot-and-two-stewardesses-standing-at-the-aerodro-U29XVQXb-qbkye1fw3kznj53s5yr5id98fdmt3ibo8zzs4sdrig.jpg (1)
Driver Meeting Point
Holding name sign, The Driver will meet you in the terminal.
handsome-serene-pilot-looking-into-the-distance-7NLC748-qbmiyoaw6oznaus1nb8h1fhwgnbh25mgxenvy4n5oo.jpg (1)
Car Ample Space
Large ample space is provide for luggage inside the vehicle.
Luggage Service
Your Driver will carry your luggage to the car.
cheerful-pilot-in-sunglasses-standing-outdoors-in-BX8GZXEaa-qbmiyt034v62wwl7vv9lvwb7fkob4n54m1xbcig6tk.jpg (1)
Car Facilities
All Cars equipped with air-conditioning.

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Message us for info, fast reply.